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A Society Built For The Thomasian CS

A premier organization built for the community, dedicated to empowering students and fostering growth in the field of Information and Computing Sciences.

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The Advisers

Our esteemed advisors bring a wealth of experience and expertise, guiding and mentoring our members on their journey to academic and professional success.

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Asst. Prof. Jonathan B. Cabero, MS


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Asst. Prof. Donata D. Acula, PhD


The Executive Board

The executive board is a group of dedicated and knowledgeable leaders, committed to guiding the society toward its goals and promoting excellence in the field of Information and Computing Sciences.

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Nhel Gonzales


Executive Associates:

Jim Mallari

Paul Feliciano

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Andrei Carlos

Internal Vice President

Executive Associates:

Koby Reodica

Julian Mendoza

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Lester Quilaman

External Vice President

Executive Associates:

Hannah Carpio

Leira Teodoro

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Monica Mendiola


Executive Associates:

Mark Ortiz

Elisha Platon's profile picture

Elisha Platon

Assistant Secretary

Executive Associates:

Axl Erquiza

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Raphaelle Marasigan


Executive Associates:

Redd Ignacio

Juliana Rolluqui's profile picture

Juliana Rolluqui


Executive Associates:

Jeco Villanueva

Kenjo Viray

Vincent Elleazar's profile picture

Vincent Elleazar

Public Relations Officer

Executive Associates:

Francine Tuazon

Sharmaine Argañosa's profile picture

Sharmaine Argañosa

Fourth Year Level Representative

Executive Associates:

Carlo Miñano

Nymphel Rafanan

Lenar Guzman's profile picture

Lenar Guzman

Third Year Level Representative

Executive Associates:

Andrea Costes

Godwyn Arambulo's profile picture

Godwyn Arambulo

Second Year Level Representative

Executive Associates:

Farida Abusaman

Jennard Prado's profile picture

Jennard Prado

First Year Level Representative

Executive Associates:

Kate Malabanan

Anthon Sepacio's profile picture

Anthon Sepacio

Chief of Staff

Executive Associates:

Herman Villa

Gwyneth Morales's profile picture

Gwyneth Morales

Director for Digital Productions

Executive Associates:

Josephine Chen

Arian Barte

Aldrin Luces's profile picture

Aldrin Luces

Director for Community Development

David Samonte's profile picture

David Samonte

Thomasian Wellness Advocate

Executive Associates:

Carl Mitzchel

The Committees

We are proud to have a dedicated and diverse team of committees working together to ensure a well-rounded and impactful experience for all members.

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Academics Committee

The Academics Team supports CS students by providing tutorials, reviewers, and organizing academic-related events like quiz bees and programming contests. They aim to help students enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of computer science.

Officers in Charge:

David Samonte, Elisha Platon, Godwyn Arambulo, Juliana Rolluqui

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