Meet the Team

Introducing the talented individuals who have brought our website to life! Get to know the brilliant minds and dedicated hearts behind this project, who have worked tirelessly to craft an exceptional website that represents the organization’s vision and values.

Juliana Rolluqui's profile picture

Juliana Rolluqui

🧠 Project Head, Developer

Sharmaine Argañosa's profile picture

Sharmaine Argañosa

🎨 UI/UX Head

Carlo Miñano's profile picture

Carlo Miñano

🖥️ Front-End Head

Lance Gulinao's profile picture

Lance Gulinao

👨‍💻 Back-End Head


Dani Durana's profile picture

Dani Durana

Digital Artist

Gwyneth Morales's profile picture

Gwyneth Morales

UI/UX Designer

Anthon Sepacio's profile picture

Anthon Sepacio

UI/UX Designer

Hannah Carpio's profile picture

Hannah Carpio

UI/UX Designer

Developers 🖥️👨‍💻

Angelo Algarne's profile picture

Angelo Algarne

Full-Stack Developer

Raphaelle Marasigan's profile picture

Raphaelle Marasigan

Full-Stack Developer

Wayne Nadurata's profile picture

Wayne Nadurata

Full-Stack Developer


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